Welcome on board, Captain


We are all free to live aviation the way we like the most. Only you can understand what aviation means for you.

Here at AIRCATGLOBAL, we think everyone should enjoy the privilege of feeling a pilot.

Everybody is welcome at AIRCATGLOBAL. That's why we work in all Aviation areas. Flight Simulation, General and Ultralight Aviation and Drones. Whether you are an enthusiast and amateur flying PC based simulators at home. Or a professional acquiring new generation flight simulators and airplanes for their student-pilots. Or even visionaries creating a UAV company in order to satisfy a demand that was unpredictable just a few years ago. We appreciate who you want to be and what you want to do, but for us it is much more important to know how you want to get it done.

That is why AIRCATGLOBAL supports its philosophy in a predominant value, Passion.

Passion encourages, motivates and pushes you to enjoy the path that leads you to fulfill your commitments, those personal or professional goals that will make you happy.

And enjoying the way to happiness... is the fuel for success!

Welcome on Board, Captain!

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Technological advances achieved day by day are making aviation easier, safer and more economic. At AIRCATGLOBAL, we think we are not far from the day that aviation is the predominant collective and individual transport no matter how near or far the destination may be..

Aeronautical culture will be the norm and be accepted as something intrinsic in everyday's activities.

Our Mission

AIRCATGLOBAL wants to help you enjoy aviation. Whether you do flight simulation at home or a Flight School, or if you fly as a private or professional pilot on an light airplane, or even if you are flying remotely piloted aircraft. Whatever you do, we want to be part of your enthusiasm and guarantee a comfortable, reliable and cost effective transition from where you are today to your future aviation goals.

Our Values

Passion: We encourage, motivate and push you to enjoy the path that leads you to fulfill your commitments, those personal or professional goals that will make you happy.

Control: Detail to ensure a balance in emotions and daily operations in order to help us assess risk and take the right decisions.

Security: of our written and spoken information we pass on to our customers to respect our commitments, in the products we design and in the protocols governing flight operations.

Creativity: as a key tool in research and development, but also to add value to each of our clients on their personal and professional situation.

Empathy: to combine the understanding between our customers, employees, suppliers and partners so that we can create reciprocal bonds of loyalty and long-term benefit.

the group

Aircraft and drone distributions, flight school, research and development and aeronautical manufacturing

Flight school and aeronautical distributions

Full motion flight simulators

RPAs school and Drone and ballistic parachute distributions

We do Research & Development focused on hardware for flight simulation. The result: robust, reliable and realistic solutions for enthusiasts and professionals.

When you ride a full motion simulator for the first time you discover a whole new world of emotions and challenges.

Our product range goes from FAA approved training devices to flight panels, full motion flight simulators and controls, as well as racing motion simulators for the entertainment industry.

We are proud of being a big part of the history of flight simulation, made of realism and constant evolution.

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We do LSA / ULM flight training, distribution of LSA/ULM through exclusive dealerships and technical service for our customers and represented brands. The result: hundreds of light sport pilots that come out of our flight school and dozens of airplanes sold and maintained by us.

Over the past decade and a half, we have helped Student-Pilots make their dream come true. Today, we operate around 10 airplanes among those used in our own flight school and those leased to other training organizations.

We are exclusive dealerships in Spain for six top Aeronautial manufacturers:

Aeroprakt A22 & A32
AerosPool Dynamic WT9
Aeropilot Legend 540
BlackShape SPA
Roko Airplanes NG-4 & NG-6
Just Aircraft SuperStol and Highlander
Plus, we are the only company in Spain selling second hand LSA / ULM airplanes that come out updated and improved from of our premises with 1-year warranty.

We do RPAs pilot rating courses, Professional drone distribution and technical service for our customers and represented brands. The result: almost 100 RPA pilots come out of our RPA flight school every 6 months.

We also distribute three of the biggest brands of Professional Drones. XFOLD, gryphon Dynamics and Freefly. we are their exclusive dealers and Official technical Service Center for all Europe..

Plus, we are the only company chosen by the Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona in order to offer our training to its students coursing the Aeronautical Management Degree.

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